Explore the artistic beauty of roofs: the rise of the era of synthetic resin tiles

In the history of European architecture, glazed tiles have a long history. From French court style to Spanish Gypsy style, each architectural style has its own unique reflection of glazed tiles. In China, aristocratic mansions, palaces and temples also love colorful glazed tiles.

However, with the changes of the times, synthetic resin tiles are gradually becoming the new favorite in roof construction. In the West, green environmental protection has always been the goal pursued by building materials, while Chinese architecture pays more attention to symbolic meaning. Therefore, the colors of glazed tiles are divided into yellow, green, blue, etc., representing different grades and statuses. Whether in the East or the West, glazed tiles symbolize glory and splendor.

However, as urbanization accelerates, the emergence of high-rise buildings brings new challenges. Glazed tiles are prone to falling off in climates with large temperature differences, causing safety accidents. Synthetic resin tiles, with their unique chemical properties, remain stable under various climatic conditions and are not easily affected. In terms of glossiness, synthetic resin tiles are not inferior to glazed tiles, and are more weather-resistant, with a maximum warranty period of more than 30 years.

In the color palette of synthetic resin tiles, there are many choices such as maroon, orange, brick red, gold, blue, gray, dark green, etc. Whether it is modern and simple or classic retro style, you can find a suitable color scheme. Therefore, on the architectural stage, synthetic resin tiles are showing their charm in the form of works of art.

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