Effect drawing of resin tile roof

With the development trend of rural collective economy and the cheap land contract in the countryside, more and more people are building luxurious villas with the beautiful scenery and fresh air of the countryside. The total area of the villa is quite grand, and the architectural design shows a distinct European style. The design style is meticulous and the method is exquisite. Taking deep blue and white as the main colors, a refreshing and peaceful visual effect is created. The building is higher than the dawn, making its momentum more grand and atmospheric. The sloping roof accelerates the discharge of precipitation. The villa is basically built in the countryside with beautiful scenery and mountains and rivers. The distant view of the villa is endless mountains and lush forests, and in the middle of the resin tile building group is a clear artificial river. The surface of the resin tile roof is quite beautiful and generous, and the deep gray tone gives the villa a classical style.



 The exterior design of the villa shows a distinct European style, which is grand and delicate. The villa has a large scale of operation, and the roof has a sloping design scheme, and the roof is made of bright red tiles, which is clean and atmospheric. On the walls of the villa, dark gray natural marble walls are selected, which is neat and atmospheric. The villa has a large scale of operation, and flowers, trees and plants are planted in the outer field of the villa, and the excellent garden greening also adds luster to the villa. Below is a share of the Xingfa Tile Industry resin tile roof picture collection.