Eco-Friendly Building Trend: Synthetic Resin Ridge Tiles – Sizes and Shapes

Synthetic resin ridge tiles are a new type of roofing material known for their numerous advantages. These include being lightweight, waterproof, durable, insulating, soundproof, self-cleaning, resistant to acids and alkalis, corrosion-resistant, wind and earthquake-proof, fire-resistant, and easy to install. Here, we provide a detailed overview of synthetic resin ridge tiles:

#### Specifications and Sizes


– **Common Sizes**: Synthetic resin ridge tiles typically come in two main sizes: 1050x400x148mm and 880x400x148mm. The 1050mm width is more common.

– **Thickness**: The standard thickness is 2.5mm, but it can be customized to meet different project requirements.

#### Shapes


– **Circular Ridge Tiles**: This traditional design is the most common and suits various roof styles.

– **Square Ridge Tiles**: A newer style, characterized by a vertical edge with an antique floral pattern in the middle, giving the roof a classic and elegant appearance.


#### Uses


– **Ridge Fixation and Connection**: Ridge tiles are typically used at the junction of two roof slopes, which is a crucial area for protection.

– **Aesthetic Enhancement**: Positioned at the highest point of the roof, the design and decoration of ridge tiles significantly influence the overall look and style of the roof.

– **Decorative Elements**: Decorative items can often be placed at the ends and middle of ridge tiles to enhance the roof’s aesthetic appeal.

In summary, synthetic resin ridge tiles are versatile roofing materials available in various sizes and shapes to meet different design needs and styles. Their eco-friendly properties and durability make them a valuable choice in modern construction.