Can inexperienced people install resin tiles by themselves

As society develops, synthetic resin tiles have become popular. Many people will ask if they can install the new roofing material themselves. Indeed, a rural aunt is installing resin tiles by herself.



Rural people are simple and hardworking, and have strong hands-on ability. The aunt said, “We can install color steel tiles. The installation method of resin tiles is similar to that of color steel tiles.” The resin tiles installed by the aunt are indeed good.



You can install resin tiles yourself. Xingfa Tile Industry briefly explains the common questions about self-installing resin tiles:


1. Key point: Whether applying building wood or seamless steel pipes, corrosion prevention needs to be solved, so that the service life is long and there is no worry about corrosion.


2. When self-tapping screws are used, they should not be screwed too tightly, nor too loosely. If it is too loose, the tile will not be fixed firmly and it is easy to leak; if it is too tight, the tile will be deformed and a creaking sound will be heard when it expands and contracts with heat.


3. In areas with extreme geographical environment such as storms and heavy rain, 6 self-tapping tiles should be used per square meter to make the tiles more firmly and securely fixed. Well, that’s all. For detailed installation instructions, please click: Resin Tile Installation Manual with detailed text and pictures, and the installation method will be as clear as day.