Brands of PVC plastic tiles lining the market are hindering its development

  There are many brands of PVC plastic tile on the flat-to-slope market, but the quality of enterprises is uneven. Some small and medium-sized enterprises in the flat-to-slope area, due to lack of funds, lack of innovation ability, and imperfect management system, have followed the trend under the impact of large enterprises. Although they are “forced to helplessness”, they still cause a considerable obstacle to the development of the whole industry. 



  First, lack of funds has become a stumbling block for channel construction. In the past two years, due to equipment updating and capacity expansion, coupled with fierce market competition, the profits of enterprises have become thinner and thinner, and enterprises have no real capital accumulation to take off. Insufficient capital investment has seriously affected the product research and development, channel laying and brand building of enterprises. For many small and medium-sized flat-to-slope synthetic resin tile enterprises, the shortage of funds is even more serious, and loan financing is also a threshold that small and medium-sized enterprises can hardly cross. 


  Second, high-interest loans and fake trends are rampant. In order to win the market sales and seize the initiative of the market, some large enterprises often invest heavily in product research and development, which is often difficult for small and medium-sized PVC plastic tile enterprises to let go. Once launched, it is often directly imitated and copied by many enterprises. Flat-to-slope enterprises not only imitate in products, but also imitate in management, business models and even brand promotion. Many enterprises often engage in “debtism”, and following the trend of operation has become the survival principle of many enterprises. 


  Third, the management system is not perfect. Many PVC plastic tile enterprises are obviously not standardized in their own channels and sales management from one level to another, the market sales channels are weak, and the product selection of distributors depends on good customer relationships. In addition, many enterprises have no brand management ability, no systematic business model and professional marketing team, no accurate market information, no customer-oriented service standards and customer-oriented service system, no market-oriented research, production and supply system, long investment cycle and high risk, all of which will be fatal bombs that can be fatal at any time to replace the flat roof inclined PVC plastic tile. 



  Our company’s PVC plastic tile is widely used in workshops, gardens, garages, courtyards, walls, agricultural greenhouses and various roof buildings. Large area PVC plastic tile is used for the roof of buildings. It has rich colors, lasting beauty, beautiful shape, strong three-dimensional sense, and conforms to the characteristics of Chinese architectural culture, adding a beautiful landscape to our head.