Beware of fake and shoddy PVC anti-corrosion tiles, you must know these quality judgment methods!

In recent years, PVC anti-corrosion tiles have become increasingly popular in the roofing market due to their anti-corrosion, durability and ease of installation. At the same time, there are also many inferior anti-corrosion tiles flooding into the market. How do consumers judge the quality of PVC anti-corrosion tiles when purchasing? Today I will teach you some identification methods and purchasing skills to help you avoid lightning.


  1. Observe the appearance of PVC tiles. PVC anti-corrosion tiles are mainly made of polyurethane as the main raw material and other auxiliary materials. They are shiny.
  2. Determine the authenticity of PVC tiles by manually comparing their weight. The texture of PVC anti-corrosion tiles is lighter, and other fake and shoddy products on the market are often thicker.
  3. You can use a lighter to light a corner of the PVC anti-corrosion tile. When high-quality PVC anti-corrosion tiles are ignited, the flame will be extinguished quickly, while counterfeit products will burn for a longer time and will be accompanied by a pungent smell.


Of course, the longer the use of roofing building materials, the better, so material selection and installation are both important. When consumers choose PVC products, they must choose a reputable manufacturer. They will provide you with perfect roofing tile recommendations based on your actual situation.

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