Be careful! Resin tiles that are too cheap may be a trap!

Why is there such a big price difference in the synthetic resin tiles on the market?

Firstly, ABS resin is used on the surface of the resin tiles instead of ASA high-weather-resistant engineering resin.

Secondly, many unscrupulous merchants will reduce costs by making the thickness thinner.

Thirdly, using recycled materials and fillers to produce resin tiles.

If you encounter substandard resin tiles, it is easy to encounter many problems such as fading and cracking, and the service life will be greatly reduced. Therefore, when purchasing synthetic resin tiles, it is important to: thoroughly understand the product information quality, brand, and resin tile manufacturers; also, have a comprehensive understanding of the qualifications, professionalism, successful application cases, and after-sales management services of the resin tile manufacturers, in order to ensure the purchase of cost-effective resin tile products!

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