A must-read for synthetic tile roofing renovation of old houses! Tips for solving hidden water leakage hazards

Recently, many friends will encounter a headache when renovating old houses – water leakage! Especially when preparing to install synthetic tile roofing, the problem of water leakage is even more troublesome. Don’t worry, let me tell you how to solve this problem today.


If you find a leak, don’t panic!


First of all, we must calmly analyze the root cause of the leakage. Water leakage usually occurs in two situations. One is improper installation of synthetic tile roofing, and the other is leakage from the waterproof layer. Start by inspecting the roof gradually from the top to the bottom, looking for leaks.

Check carefully to find the problem


Check whether there are cracks in the roof, whether the original waterproof layer is aged, and whether there are bubbles in the original SBS waterproof membrane on the roof. If bubbles are found in the waterproof membrane, it means that water has penetrated into the bottom of the waterproof layer, causing water leakage. In addition, pay attention to the condition of the gutters. If there is a waterproof layer, you need to remove the waterproof layer in the surrounding area and waterproof it again.


Strengthen waterproofing work and completely solve the problem


The focus is on strengthening the joints with the original waterproof layer to ensure that every detail is tight and reliable. When the weather is nice, a finished asphalt coating can be used for waterproofing to ensure no more water seeps through the roof.



Seek professional help to solve difficult problems


If you are not confident enough in waterproofing work, or you encounter complex situations that you cannot handle, it is recommended to seek a professional leak prevention company to solve the problem. They have rich experience and professional skills to help you completely solve the hidden danger of water leakage.

Although renovating an old house is full of challenges, as long as we are careful enough, identify the problem, and take the correct solutions, we can give the house a new lease of life and a new vitality! If you have any more questions, please leave a message and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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