4 reasons to choose PVC anti-corrosion tiles in chemical plant buildings

Xingfa PVC anti-corrosion tile is an anti-corrosion tile specially developed by Xingfa resin tile manufacturers based on the environment of chemical plant buildings. After years of practice and improvement, Xingfa PVC anti-corrosion tile “is suitable for harsh environment, long service life and high cost performance”, and is now more suitable for various plant roofs.



Four reasons for chemical plant buildings to choose PVC anti-corrosion tile:

1. Corrosion resistance: PVC anti-corrosion tile is mainly made of PVC and processed by high-tech. It is specially made for plant roofs. After testing, Xingfa PVC anti-corrosion tile has no chemical reaction in alkali and salt immersion for 24 hours!



2. Heat insulation and heat preservation: PVC anti-corrosion tile has heat insulation, heat preservation and sound insulation, and its performance durability has been enhanced on the basis of the original.

3. Easy installation and time saving: PVC anti-corrosion tile accessories are complete, and can be quickly installed on various roofs, which can save labor and time and help the company’s plant to put into production quickly.



4. Reusable, recyclable and cost-saving: PVC anti-corrosion tile has no waste water and slag in the production process; used products can be recycled; PVC anti-corrosion tile can be disassembled and assembled multiple times, reused, and greatly saved the investment cost of enterprises.