¿Se desvanecerán las baldosas de resina rojas?

Will red resin tiles fade? Red synthetic resin tiles are all custom-made, and the sales manager (Manager Zhang) of red resin tiles has an email address of 



Red synthetic resin tiles are widely applicable: rural self-built villa roofs, new rural construction, old house renovation, urban transformation, pavilions, terraces, lofts, roof transformation of cave dwellings, roof gardens, communities, etc. 


In the visible light band, the frequency of red is the lowest, which is precisely this characteristic that gives it many unique properties different from other colors. The lowest frequency of red means it has the longest wavelength, and the longest wavelength means it has the strongest diffraction ability and the ability to pass through obstacles. Therefore, when the warning light uses red light. 



Red has the lowest light frequency and the longest light wave, so when it focuses on the retina of the eye, it forms a larger image than other colors. Therefore, due to this characteristic, red (and other warm colors) is also called “expansion color” and “forward color”, while blue (and other cold colors) is called “shrink color” and “fade color”. In our lives, we always use red to express words that need to be emphasized. In fact, we use the magnificence and protrusion of red. In text, red fonts look bigger and more prominent than the surrounding black fonts. In popular language, it is to achieve an eye-catching effect. This is similar to the way of emphasis, such as enlarging text or bold text. 


In addition to its expansiveness and advancement, red also has a strong sense of closeness visually, so it often makes people feel tense. It can be used as a warning signal, or on billboards to attract consumers’ attention and purchase desire.