Case sharing, six steps for installing resin tiles

In recent years, synthetic resin tiles have made a great contribution to accelerating the integration of urban and rural development by transforming from urban flat to new rural construction. In the process of selecting synthetic resin tiles, not only should we pay attention to the quality of the products, but also to the installation of the products. In addition to grasping the correct installation procedure, details are also important. Today, we are going to share an example of synthetic resin tile installation.



1. Measurements and preparation

Measure the length and width of the roof to calculate how many resin tiles are needed. At the same time, prepare the tools, such as ladders, electric drills, cutting tools, rulers, ink pens, etc.

2. Clean roof surface

Before installing resin tiles, the roof surface needs to be cleaned to ensure that the tiles can be placed flat. Cleaning the roof surface can be done by removing residues, garbage, fallen leaves, dirt, etc.



3. Install roof structure

After cleaning the roof surface, the roof foundation needs to be installed. These foundations are usually made of wood and need to be correctly installed on the roof to ensure that the resin tiles can be firmly fixed on the foundation.

4. Install Spanish roof tiles

Resin tiles can be installed on the roof in various ways, such as being fixed to the base with screws. It is necessary to ensure that the spacing between the tiles is even, and the size of the tiles can be adjusted to fit the shape of the roof using a cutting tool.

5. Install the main ridge tiles

After installing the resin tile, a ridge tile needs to be installed to cover the highest point of the roof. Ridge tiles usually consist of two parts and need to be correctly installed at both ends of the roof and secured with screws.

6. cleaning job

After installation is complete, the roof and tools need to be cleaned to ensure there are no remnants or debris left behind. Cleaning can be done using a hose and brush.



In short, installing resin tiles requires correct calculations, preparation, and execution. Proper installation and maintenance can ensure the life of the roof and extend the life of the resin tiles. If you are not sure how to install resin tiles, please consult a professional.