What Is The Feature Of Heat Insulation Tiles?

What is the feature of heat insulation heat insulation roof sheet? Strong thermal insulation performance:clay tile, cement tile, color steel tile have heat insulation effect. Thermal conductivity of PVC thermal insulation tile is 0.325W/m.k, about 1/310 of clay tile, cement tile 1/5, 0.5mm thick color steel tile 1/2000,So PVC thermal insulation tile its insulation effect is the best.?As the name implies, it is high intensity insulation effect, of course.The main material of heat insulation tile is magnesium gelatinization, namely magnesium oxide, non-toxic without radiation, heat insulation function is strong, outer layer is sealed with plastic alloy, both waterproof, fire prevention, corrosion prevention and other functions.Then let me introduce the general feature of heat insulation tile.


  1. Toughness: Impact and tension resistance. hard to be fractured.
  2. Sound insulation:lt can effectively reduce the rain and wind impact noise,by contrast, the color steel tile sound insulation effect is poor.
  3. Excellent corrosion resistant: There is no chemical reaction when soaked in acid. alkali and salt solution,the color steel tile is poorer than others.
  4. Excellent water resistant.
  5. strong fire-retardant: it belongs to the nonflammable material.
  6. Insulation: Has excellent electrical insulation properties.
  7. Environment-friendly:Without any asbestos and radioactive element,can be recycled,asbestos cement tile contains carcinogenic substances.

Above is the general features of heat insulation tile, different kinds of heat insulation tile, its will be different, PVC tile heat insulation effect is the most ideal,especially APVC composite tile and ASA-PVC composite tile.



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