PVC roof tile brings excellent heat insulation

PVC roof tile brings excellent heat insulation

For some time, many customers reported that it is too hot inside the factory and warehouse where is cover of iron sheet tile in summer.The working environment was relatively bad. So they asked if any other options for heat insulation roof tile for buildings. Yes! RUFU TILE Industry recommends PVC plastic tile to customers and friends.


The characteristics of heat insulation performance of PVC plastic tile are analyzed.


Good weather resistance and heat insulation. PVC heat insulation tile is much better than with steel roof, galvanized steel roof and asbestos roof tile. The temperature in the shed is not affected by the external sunlight, and the temperature in the shed will not rise sharply due to the hot weather. The weather resistance is better,
PVC tile can keep the natural color and strength of the product for a long time. And the traditional insulation materials (such as sponge) with the use of better insulation effect. Stay At 20 degree to 70 degree, the performance is stable. The thermal conductivity of PVC tile is low and the infrared ray is basically impermeable. the heat insulation effect is better than 5mm color steel. The surface temperature of the tile is much lower than that of asbestos roof tile,color steel roof sheet.




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