We has been specialists in supplying roofing sheets for over 14 years. We currently offer a wide range of roofing sheet options and specialize in the supply of plastic roofing sheets. We split these primarily into 5 groups, ASA Roman roof tile, ASA Synthetic Resin Roof Sheet, ASA Roof Sheet, UPVC Roof Sheet, and Translucent Roof Sheet. Our product is widely used in garden construction, industrial premises, market, warehouse, and greenhouse cultivation.

Plastic roof sheets are also used to complement other materials such as steel and bitumen roofing sheets. The Plastic roof sheets are commonly used on low-cost roofing structures but also for garages, commercial cladding, railway arches and many more. Corrugated roof sheets are usually fixed to a structural framework (metal or timber) with support running perpendicular to the direction of the sheeting. Corrugated plastic (PVC) sheets are ideal for replacing existing broken or damaged sheets or installing on a new carport, canopy or pergola structure. Polycarbonate roof sheets are normally supported on glazing bars which run in the same direction as the sheet, these glazing bars are either self-supporting or designed to sit on structural rafters. PVC corrugated sheet is the original roofing sheet for spanning across roof purlins. The corrugation on what would be a flat sheet otherwise gives the sheet rigidity along its length, stopping it from sagging between the support. Many different materials can be corrugated (made wavy) to turn them into corrugated roofing sheets and you will find a wide range of options available.

Advantages of Plastic Roofing Sheets
They are easy to install
They are flexible
They have high resistance to weathering
They are made from recycled materials making them eco-friendly
They are cheaper compared to slate roofs

Why use PVC corrugated sheet roofing?
Whether you're a contractor completing a client's project or you're doing it yourself, you may want to consider the benefits of corrugated roofing for your home or workplace. Corrugated PVC roofing is perfect for buildings that have slopes or build up water quickly, and they're surprisingly quiet, cost-effective and incredibly versatile. The UPVC roofing sheet can be delivered nationwide within a few working days. Available in a range of thicknesses and lengths the sheets an incredibly versatile and easy to use.

How do synthetic resin tile roofs do insulation?
Option 1: If you have installed a synthetic resin roof tile in your home, you can use a ceiling to solve the problem of insulation.
Option 2: If the steel frame or wooden frame is built, a layer of fireproof insulation cotton can be placed under the tile when installing the resin roof tile.
Option 3: After the concrete is poured into the roof, the synthetic resin roof tile is installed, which can also achieve the effect of thermal insulation and waterproofing.
In fact, most people buy synthetic resin roof tiles directly on the roof, because it has the function of thermal insulation, much better than color steel tile.

If you're looking for high-quality, cost-effective Plastic Roofing Sheets, PVC corrugated sheet roofing, UPVC/PVC roofing sheet to use in your next building project, rely on UPVC sheets suppliers, manufacturers. Available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses, we've hand-selected each of our sheets for their quality, durability, and length of life. We've also paired each of our sheets with extras, like flashing tape, roof sheet fixings, and ridges, to make the job of installing corrugated PVC roofing as straightforward as possible.


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