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ASA Synthetic Resin Roof Sheet

ASA Synthetic Resin Roof Sheet can keep color for a long time and it has a long service life. It has an excellent anti load capacity. As a result of the test, in the case of the supporting distance is 660mm, there is no crack and damage on the roofing under the load of 150kg. ASA Synthetic Resin Roof Sheet has excellent low-temperature resistance and excellent heat insulation performance, and it can be used between - 40 and 70 degrees. Synthetic Resin Roof Tile is an excellent waterproof and multifunctional building material which has been widely used in many countries and fields, because of the high level of sound insulation and heat insulation. The appearance is very similar to the traditional Spanish tile. Great Synthetic resin roof tile in plastic roof tiles sheets manufacturers.

Plastic roof tiles sheet is inexpensive, high quality and practical material. Plastic panels are made by extrusion of rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC), followed by application of the decorative pattern with a special printing method and a protective layer of glossy or matte varnish, which give the panels wear resistance, anti-static qualities, UV-resistance and also high resistance to physical impact. Find the best plastic roof tiles price and Synthetic resin roof tile price!

Synthetic resin roof tile is a new roofing material advocated and promoted by the state. Due to its unique performance and advantages, it has won the attention and recognition of people from different area. Regarding the question of how long synthetic resin roof tile can last, manufacturers have their own opinions.

How long can the synthetic resin roof tile last? Depending on the ASA fabric on the surface layer, the imported super weathering engineering ASA resin can provide long-term UV resistance, so that the product can remain high after being subjected to various adverse environmental effects for a long time. Horizontal impact strength, gloss, color and mechanical properties. Synthetic resin roof tile surface ASA fabric, like sunscreen, has a long-lasting protective effect on synthetic resin tiles.

The synthetic resin roof tile produced by the company is made of high-grade weather-resistant engineering resin tile ASA produced by international famous companies. It is innovative on the basis of summing up the experience of similar foreign products. It is not only green, but also rich in color and long-lasting.

How many years can plastic roof tiles last? Plastic roof tiles sheets is a popular term for PVC tile and synthetic resin roof tile. Both of them have the advantages of light weight, simple installation, anti-corrosion and heat insulation, wind and water proof, fire prevention and insulation. How many years can plastic roof tiles sheets last? Because the formula of the two is different, the service life will be different. PVC roof tile sheets is more suitable for industrial plant, under normal conditions can be used for 15 years, some high corrosive or high temperature industrial factory, such as smelting, steel and other industries, the service life of PVC roof tiles will be relatively shorter, but compared with color steel roof tile, the service life of PVC roof tile will be much longer, which is incomparable with color steel roof tile.

Based on the material of PVC roof tile, the surface of synthetic resin roof tile is covered with high weatherproof ASA material, which is more weatherproof than PVC roof tile sheets. Synthetic resin roof tile sheets is more suitable for residential buildings and villas. Under normal conditions, it can be used for more than 25 years. The service life of synthetic resin roof tile will be directly affected in the areas that is under severe acid rain.Purchasing plastic roof tiles sheets through regular channels can greatly prolong the service life of plastic roof tiles sheets.


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