Calculation method of dosage of synthetic resin tile for villa roof renovation

Calculation method of dosage of synthetic resin tile for villa roof renovation

With the development of the times, many people pay more and more attention to the thermal insulation, sound insulation, durability, and anti-corrosion properties of roof materials when replacing roofs, which makes synthetic resin tiles enter the construction of villa roofs. Now seaside cities want to build roofs, and they will prefer synthetic resin tiles, but many people do not calculate how many synthetic resin tiles they need to use for their roofs. Next, Xingfa Tile Industry will introduce the new rural construction to you how to calculate the amount of synthetic resin tile for roof renovation.



1. Calculate the area of the roof, and multiply the length by the width.

2. Calculate the total amount of synthetic resin tiles required, and divide the roof area by 0.8 (the effective width of a Spanish roof sheet is 0.8 meters).

3. Calculate the total number of and divide the roof width by 0.8 to get the result and multiply by 2.

4.  Calculate the number of ridge tiles, dividing the width of the roof by 0.8 (the length of the ridge tile is 0.88 meters)

5. Calculate the number of hanging eaves and divide the total length of the side length of the eaves by 0.48 (the length of the hanging eaves is 0.48 meters per piece)

6. Calculate the number of self-tapping screws. About 4-6 self-tapping screws are needed per square meter.



     If you don’t know how many Spanish roof sheet you need to use for your villa roof, you can contact Xingfa Tile Industry and provide us with the size of your roof, so that we can help you to calculate how many Spanish roof sheet you actually need to use.



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