Which roofing is better? What color should I choose?

Which kind of roofing is good for factory building? What color better?

I strongly recommend you to use PVC roof for factory buildings. PVC roof have the advantages of light weight, large single-piece area, anti-corrosion, heat insulation, fire prevention, insulation, noise prevention, wind resistance and earthquake resistance, etc., which are very suitable for factory use.

PVC products include PVC anti-corrosion roof tiles, PVC anti-corrosion insulation roof tiles, APVC anti-corrosion and weather-resistant composite roof tiles, ASA-PVC super weather-resistant composite roof tiles, UPVC hollow anti-corrosion insulation roof tiles and other products.

The choice of watt-hours for the plant should be based on the actual situation. If it is some temporary workshops, ordinary PVC roof products can be used, and the price is relatively cheap; if it is some corrosive workshops such as sewage treatment plants, electrophoretic spraying workshops, dye workshops, etc., it is recommended to use APVC anticorrosive and weather resistant composite roof tiles and ASA-PVC super weather resistant composite roof tile is specially developed for some corrosive factories and areas with severe acid rain. It is high-strength acid and alkali resistant; while UPVC hollow anticorrosive insulation roof tile has better performance in anti-corrosion, heat insulation and sound insulation, and has a longer service life. , Suitable for high-end factories and breeding industry, high comfort, beautiful and fashionable.


The PVC roof tiles are colorful and beautiful. The roof of the plant is like the coat of the plant. The colors are bright and easy for customers to find and identify. In terms of the color of the plant tiles, I suggest choosing blue or white, which not only makes the plant look beautiful and atmospheric, but also gives people a fresh and comfortable feeling.

Discoloration of roof tiles has always been a concern for users. Discoloration not only directly affects the service life of roof tiles, but also makes the plant look obsolete. Compared with maroon, orange, red, etc., the blue molecular structure is relatively stable, not easy to fade, and the color is lasting. Corrosion resistance is an issue that cannot be ignored when choosing plant tiles. The blue molecular structure is relatively compact and has strong corrosion resistance compared to other colors.

The white PVC tile is added with titanium dioxide, which is an inorganic pigment, which is resistant to light, heat and weather. It not only acts as a coloring agent, but also has the functions of reinforcement, anti-aging, and filling. It is resistant to sunlight under sunlight. No cracking, no discoloration, high elongation and acid and alkali resistance.


Rufu Tile Industry is a manufacturer specializing in the production of PVC plant tiles. It has 15 years of production, research and development and sales experience. It has a wide variety of products and is suitable for use in various plants. Its products have passed ISO9001 quality system certification and multiple product tests to ensure product quality The stability and reliability of the test report can be provided.



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