Why does synthetic resin roof tile crack?

Why does synthetic resin roof tile crack?

Some customers reported that they bought high-quality synthetic resin roof tiles, but shortly after they were installed, the synthetic resin roof tiles cracked. Why did the synthetic resin roof tiles crack? Irregular installation is the direct cause of cracking of synthetic resin roof tiles!

1. The distribution of purlins is unreasonable
The purlin selection is unreasonable or the spacing is too wide, it is recommended that the spacing be within 660mm, otherwise it will cause the resin roof tile to fall and cause cracking and water leakage.

2. Keel distortion
The keel needs to be installed at a reasonable angle with the resin roof tile, otherwise irregular deflection will occur after the keel is deformed, causing the resin roof tile to crack. The keel should be straight, and should not be twisted or have knots running through the cross section.

3. The screw hardness is too high
Low-cost self-tapping screws generally have high hardness and are easy to drill. In fact, most of these screws have high carbon content and are easy to drill, but they lack toughness. They will be affected by the tensile force of the tiles when the wind blows. It is easy to break and cause the resin tile to crack.

4. The self-tapping screws are too tight
When installing resin roof tiles, it does not mean that the tighter and deeper the self-tapping screw is, the stronger it is. The resin roof tile is stretchable. If the screw is tightened too tightly, the resin roof tile will be pulled under strong wind, causing the self-tapping screw to break, and the resin tile will also cause cracking, so it is recommended to make a certain hole during installation. Leave a gap, and do not tighten the screws too tight. (Most of the resin tiles are cracked for this reason!)




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