Is the ASA resin roof sheet plastic?Is it more durable than plastic?

Is the ASA resin roof sheet plastic?

The content of resin in plastics is generally between 40% and 100%, but in addition to a very small part of plastics containing resin, most plastics also need to add most other substances. The content and quality of resin determine the plastic product Nature. People often think of resin as synonymous with plastic. In fact, resin and plastic are two completely different concepts. Resins are not only suitable for manufacturing plastics, but also raw materials for coatings, adhesives, and synthetic fibers.


The main component of the ASA resin roof sheet is synthetic resin, which is a kind of synthetic high molecular polymer, which can be in a plastic flow state under the action of external force, and some properties are similar to natural resin. The content of resin in synthetic resin tiles is large, high-quality resin tiles, the resin content is as high as 80%-90%. The content and quality of the resin determine the properties of the ASA resin roof sheet; the middle layer is the impact-resistant base layer.

The surface layer material of the ASA resin roof sheet is very important. The choice of surface layer material directly affects the service life of the resin tile. The high-quality resin tile is made of imported super weatherproof material ASA resin, which can resist acid, alkali, salt and other chemical substances for a long time. Soaking in salt, alkali and various acids below 60% has no chemical effect for 24 hours.


In summary, the resin tile is a kind of plastic product, but due to the high resin content and other additives to enhance its performance, the resin tile has long-lasting color, light weight, self-waterproofing, toughness, thermal insulation, and sound insulation. , Anti-corrosion, anti-wind, anti-vibration, anti-hail, anti-pollution, environmental protection, fire protection, insulation, convenient installation, etc., and the appearance is beautiful and three-dimensional, the color is very Chinese, making it widely used in various permanent building roof decoration.



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