How to choose a variety of materials for PVC Roof Sheet?

How to choose a variety of materials for PVC Roof Sheet?

With the popularity of PVC roof sheet, in addition to the practicality of PVC roof tiles, users can also choose the material of anti-corrosion tiles according to the actual situation. It is not that the more expensive the better, how to choose the various materials of PVC Roof Sheet? To get high cost performance, we must first understand the various materials of anti-corrosion roofing.

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At present, there are five series of anti-corrosion tile products: PVC roof sheet, UPVC roof sheet, APVC roof sheet, ASA-PVC roof sheet, and PVC translucent roof sheet.


PVC Roof sheet are made of polymer polyvinyl chloride as the main material, heated and melted by a plastic extruder, and compounded by co-extrusion technology. It has rich colors, anti-corrosion and heat insulation, light weight, easy installation, environmental protection, fire insulation, etc. advantage.
If it is a simple warehouse, factory building, or temporary building engineering tile, choose PVC roof sheet, which can achieve the purpose of sheltering wind, rain and heat without causing unnecessary waste.

UPVC roof sheet, adding a layer of insulation layer on the basis of PVC roof sheet, the insulation effect will be more significant, suitable for use in industries such as farms and chemical industries that need to use roofing materials to reduce indoor temperature.