ASA Synthetic resin roof sheet Vs Ceramic roof tile

ASA Synthetic resin roof sheet Vs Ceramic roof tile

Ceramic roof tile is a traditional building material . It has the advantages of bright colors and smooth glaze. It usually has golden, emerald green, blue and other colored lead glazes, and always been the pride of building ceramic materials. However, due to its low degree of mechanization, the quality of the product has been limited accordingly.

From ancience to modern times, many traditional roof tiles are made of clay, which not only pollutes the air during the manufacturing process, but also wastes land resources. Waste tiles can turn into construction waste and cause environmental pollution.  Resin tile is a model of the successful transformation of the traditional roof tile industry and the result of material innovation. The emergence of resin tile will promote the development of the roof tile industry into a new chapter in environmental protection and energy conservation.

In recent years, the vast number of users' demands for environmental protection and energy saving have driven the vigorous development of green building materials, and the production mode of the building materials industry is also undergoing earth-shaking changes. The traditional roof tile industry is inseparable from reform to achieve successful transformation and upgrading. Among them, "material innovation" and "technological innovation" have become the focus of reform. Resin tile is an important achievement of innovation. It is recognized as an environmentally friendly and energy-saving building material and is strongly advocated by the country. And promote the use.

ASA Synthetic Resin roof sheet and Ceramic roof tile have similar appearances, light weight, easy construction, waterproof, fireproof, heat insulation, heat preservation, explosion-proof, beautiful and durable. Because of its outstanding advantages, resin tiles are favored and used by more and more industries. They are applicable to aquaculture, flat-to-slope projects, residential buildings, villas, factories, gardens and pavilions, etc. They are expected to replace the traditional status of glazed tiles and become the mainstream of the construction industry.



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