corrosion resistance UPVC roof sheet for factory

PVC roofing material avoids the corrosion problem of factory rooftop

With the development of industrialization, the problem of environmental pollution has become more and more serious. In the industrial field, especially the chemical industry, corrosion is particularly serious.  the production process are highly corrosive from most of the raw materials and by-products, products and volatile gases . Corrosive damage will be caused to the plant structure, walls, roof, etc., especially after the exterior wall and roof of the plant are corroded, it will not only affect the overall image of the plant, but also cause a series of problems such as water leakage and affect the operation of the production.

In areas with heavy acid rain on the eastern coast of my country, the annual loss due to corrosion problems cannot be estimated. Therefore, it is urgent to solve the corrosion problem of the plant. Nowadays, there is a roof and wall building material specially developed for the plant with outstanding anti-corrosion performance. The corrosion of the roof and wall of the factory is currently used in most of the factory buildings. It is  PVC roof sheet.