Why does the PVC roof sheet leak?

Why does the PVC roof sheet leak?

PVC roof sheet are becoming more and more common in the market and can be seen everywhere in the streets. However, due to the different procurement channels and installation techniques of PVC roof tiles, some people think that PVC roof tiles are easy to use and durable, but some people say that PVC roof tiles are easy to leak. One of the main functions of roof tiles is waterproofing. Today, let’s analyze the causes of water leakage in PVC roof tiles!

The PVC roof tiles leaked soon after they were installed. Why is this happening? Let's first look at whether it is a quality problem with PVC roof tiles. In order to save costs, some manufacturers use recycled materials to produce resin tiles. The recycled materials have lost the original toughness of PVC roof tiles after being returned to the furnace and rebuilt. Others, in order to reduce the use of PVC resin, add other materials to the raw materials. Filling material, the PVC roofing tiles produced in this way are not real PVC roofing tiles, they are easy to crack and deform, and water leakage will naturally appear.


The second is the installation slope of PVC roof tiles. PVC roof tiles are not suitable for flat rooftop and are suitable for rooftop of 20-80°.

The third is the installation . The unreasonable distribution of the purlins is also a major cause. Unreasonable distribution of the purlins or too wide spacing may cause the resin tile to leak. The purlin spacing is recommended to be within 800mm, otherwise the PVC roof tiles will easily collapse and leak. PVC tile has self-stretching performance. The hole should be 1mm larger than the self-tapping screw when punching. The nail should not be tightened too tightly. If the nail is too tight, the tile will be pulled by the tensile force, causing the self-tapping nail to break and the PVC roof tiles can also crack. The installation of PVC roof tiles requires waterproof pads. If the waterproof pads are not used during installation, it is also the cause of water leakage.

The above are the reasons for the water leakage of most PVC roof tiles. In general, the quality of the roofing and whether the installation is standardized are two important factors that determine whether the PVC roof tiles can be used normally.



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