install solar energy equipment on resin tile rooftop

How to install solar energy on resin tile rooftop?

Many customers like to install solar equipment on the roof. When buying resin tiles, customers will ask, can solar energy equipment be installed on the roof of resin tiles? Will it crush the ASA resin roof sheet? Will it affect the waterproof effect? If solar energy can be installed, how to install it better?
Let me introduce to you the method of installing solar energy and water tank on the resin rooftop:

The solar energy equipment and the solar energy equipment on the slope roof are required to be constructed according to the current status of the roof and the project plan in principle. The solar energy installation method on the resin tile roof is as follows:

1. There are two installation methods: a reserved installation platform and a sloping roof installation bracket. The roof reserved equipment platform is to reserve enough to place solar energy equipment on the roof side; the sloping roof equipment solar energy is to build equipment above the sloping roof Bracket.

2. Take the steel structure roof truss as an example: the solar stent must be welded on the load-bearing inclined beam with four columns higher than the roof sheet surface, and the roots of the four columns above the tile surface need to be waterproofed.

3. Weld two parallel beams on the four columns. The width of the two beams is determined according to the width of the solar energy equipment. The upper surface of the two beams must be horizontal to facilitate solar energy equipment.

When installing solar energy, you need to pay attention to the orientation and angle. Facing the front south can absorb more sunlight heat. It also needs to be fixed. Generally, it is laid on a flat surface with a specific bracket. Four piers are required to be fixed it well, that is, four supports are made on the roof. These solar installation technicians will handle it, so don't worry.



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