ASA Roma Roof sheet renovation project

Old factory renovation project

As a professional resin tile manufacturer, Xingfa Tile Industry Co.,Ltd has been committed to providing high-quality roofing products for government renovation projects and urban decoration projects at home and abroad in recent years.
The roof of the workshop building in the factory area was built with earthen tiles in the early 1950s, and it is very old. Over the years, people have been repairing again and again,then  it can be preserved. Broken tiles are prone to serious safety problems during heavy storms. The frequent repairs have not kept up with the speed of the old tiles, and the new and old repair marks affect the overall image of the plant. Roofing matrial replacement  is  one of the major projects in the renovation of the plant.
The roof of the factory is renovated by Roma roof sheet. Roma roof sheet is light in weight, large in size and easy to construct. The professional construction team lifted the original old tiles and carefully checked whether the beams and purlins were intact. If there were moth-eaten ones, they need to be replaced with new ones.
Roma roof sheet, beautiful shape, strong three-dimensional sense, retro atmosphere, fully in line with the factory style. After the earthen tiles of about 30,000 square meters were replaced by the Roma roof sheet, the whole factory area had a new look and became more antique.
ASA Roma Roof Tile Products
Roma roof sheet has excellent characteristics such as long-lasting color, anti-corrosion and heat insulation, anti-impact and anti-cracking, fire insulation, easy installation, green environmental protection, etc. The big wave peak improves the waterproof effect, suitable for use in areas with heavy rainfall, and is widely used Roof decoration for slope improvement projects, villas, farms, gardens, pavilions, etc.



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