ASAPVC roof sheet production

ASA Synthetic resin roof sheet production process

ASA Synthetic resin roof sheet is one of the current hot-selling products, widely used in various buildings, such as warehouses, chemical products factories, farms, hotel roof insulation and so on. Let me take you to the  Xingfa tile industry production and show the production process of ASA synthetic resin roof sheet

 Step 1: Mixing-the raw materials (PVC resin, calcium carbonate, various additives) are automatically weighed, and then the weighed materials are mixed in a certain order and pre-plasticized through high temperature, and the pre-plasticized to a certain temperature after being automatically discharged into a low-speed mixing tank for cooling, after cooling to a certain temperature, it can be extruded;


Step 2: Extrusion-The mixed vinyl record material is mixed and plasticized by the machine, and small molecular components such as water are discharged at the same time. Coextruded with the ASA extrudate outside the distributor at the die head Forming a sheet. The vinyl record material enters the die to form a sheet, and is pressed ASA film against the sheet ;

Step 3: molding-the sheet formed by the compounding of Polyvinyl Ethylene and ASA enters the shaping machine for shaping and cooling, and cut to form the desired roof sheet width;


Step 4: cutting-the formed and cooled sheet are cut into roof sheet of a certain length according to customer needs;

Step 5: Inspection-inspection of the roof sheet, recycling of unqualified products;

Step 6: Into the warehouse-Qualified products are placed in the designated location in the warehouse, ready to delivery.


The above is the production process flow of Foshan Xingfa Tile Industry ASA Synthetic Resin roof sheet. If you want to know more, welcome to visit our company in person.



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