Is UPVC roof sheet fireproof?

 The main component of UPVC Roof Sheet is Polyethylene. The flame retardant properties of Polyethylene have always been the focus of attention.

The UPVC Roof Sheet mainly composed of polyvinyl has been tested by the National Chemical Testing Center and is a flame retardant material with a fire performance rating of V-0. It meets the plant standards of fire safety regulations and is a safety popularized by the National Building Materials Association Environmentally friendly roofing materials.


UPVC Roof Sheet not only have super flame retardant properties, but also have the advantages of the lightweight, easy installation, anti-corrosion and heat insulation, waterproof, wind and shock resistance, green environmental protection, etc. It is widely used in factory buildings, warehouses, farms. Its flame retardant performance is same with colour steel tiles, the convenience of installing UPVC Roof Sheet, and the advantages of anti-corrosion, heat insulation, noise prevention, and insulation are better than color steel tiles.

UPVC Roof Sheet  is very suitable for the construction of large-scale factory buildings.




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