Which roofing design the synthetic resin should be used for?

At present, we can see variety of the factory roof tile in the building materials , performance good and bad are intermingled, then do you know which roof synthetic resin tile is suitable for?


1.High-grade roof

Synthetic resin tile is very durable, even if exposed to outdoor environment for a long time, still can maintain its use function and color stability. Dense, smooth surface, and can produce the "lotus effect", is not easy to absorb dust, with self-cleaning performance, without overhaul maintenance during using, very suitable for high-grade roof.

2.Changing Flat Roofs to Slope Roofs

“Changing Flat Roofs to Slope Roofs” Can improve the thermal insulation and waterproof function of the old style top housing. After the changing project, people living on the top floor will obviously get the benefits,rainy days also don't need to worry about roof leakage. The general building roof waterproof according to different level of waterproof is from 10 to 20 years, “Changing Flat Roofs to Slope Roofs” is 50 years.


The villa is also very suitable for using synthetic resin tile. Before installation, roofing structure layer, waterproof layer, thermal insulation layer, leveling layer should be finished, and through the acceptance. after the construction of the synthetic resin, timely maintenance, the maintenance time shall not be less than 14 days, and it is strictly prohibited in the drawing, the heavy pressure, before installation use the 2 m ruler test the smoothness, the leveling layer surface roughness deviation difference is 5 mm

4.Castle Garden

Wooden board is very flat, with small deformation, thickness more than 12 mm (according to the selected plate thickness of roof spacing).In between of the wooden board and purlin or roof beam should be connected with Galvanized nail or bolt. The castle garden built in synthetic resin material, both in physical quality and perception effect is very good

Synthetic resin tile with is light weight, big single area, high building efficiency, convenient unloading handling, can improve work efficiency and save manpower in the project, and shorten the construction period; The material is also very durable, even if exposed to outdoor environment for a long time, still can maintain its use function and color stability.



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