What Problems Should We Pay Attention Of Pvc Roofing Sheet?

PVC roofing sheet is a new type of roofing material, which have excellent pressure resistance performance, impact and stretch performance. However, such high hardness product, can’t be breaker?
In fact, this is not the truth. Even the best products will cause indelible damage to them in the face of irregular use such as chaos. Especially in the transportation process, workers do not know their physicality, rudely treat products casually and randomly, then what problems should be paid attention to during transportation? Summaries as followed:
1. In packaging, we should be added a layer of film between each PVC roofing sheet, to prevent friction damage. In addition, the container space should be fully utilized to reduce the gap and ensure that it will not slide anywhere during transportation.
2. Place it smoothly, do not put heavy weight on the top. After a long time of gravity pressure, it will be deformed due to the uneven force, even cannot be recovered.
3. Forbidden to throw it in loading or unloading. Do not use too much force. Try to shorten the moving time with as many people as possible.
In the process of transportation, it is not difficult to keep the product from deforming. The premise is that we must pay attention to the above problems first.
PVC roofing sheet widely used in many fields and industries.  Installation is directly related to the using effect and service life.
However, do you know what will affect roofing installation? That is storage and moving. Next, let' me share about the problems that need to pay attention to during storage of PVC roofing sheet.
1. Different waveforms roofing sheet cannot be stacked together. Stacking same waveforms roofing sheet, short one should be placed on long one.
2. The PVC tile is stored on the plane, and the length of the plane is not less than the length of the roofing sheet and place it smoothly .
3, stack or long-term storage, please place in a cool place.
4, When moving roofing sheet, we should be taken to avoid breaking or grinding, scratching the surface so that affecting normal use.
If the PVC roofing sheet is damaged during storage or handling, it will affect the installation and the  using effect, so we should pay attention to these problems during storage.



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