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What factors will affect the service life of PVC tile

More and more companies and individuals choose PVC tile when selecting a roofing, because it not only save the cost, but also avoid a lot of the tile trouble. Many people don’t know too much about this new type of roofing materials, then, what is the factors affecting the service life of PVC roof tile?


1. Product quality

Throughout the market, we found that the PVC anti-corrosion tile visually look the same, but the price present situation is big different. Different manufacturers, brand of PVC tile its performance index is also a big different. Some PVC tile the surface appears to be better looking, but with a bad quality, the lifespan of PVC tile is different, the bad quality products usually have fast aging time. Kindly remind the consumers here, don't be fooled by the surface of the product phenomenon.  

2. Construction technology 

It is reported that some customers choose the no experience construction group during the installation building, in order to reduce the installation cost, even lead to improper construction and shorten the product lifespan. Actually the professionalism of the construction will have influence to the lifespan of the PVC tile, then, during our installation, it is necessary to choose the professional or experienced technical personnel, make sure of the product long lifespan

3. Using environment

If the PVC tile in different environment, the influence is also different, it may cause shorten the PVC tile lifespan

We all hope the PVC tile is more and more durable. If we need to guarantee it’s long lifespan, we need to pay special attention to the PVC product quality, the construction technology and the environment factors...



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