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What are the advantages of using PVC roofing tile?

Nowadays society develops faster and faster, people is higher and higher to the pursuit of quality of life, small to a brick a tile is happening world-shaking change, be like synthetic resin tile, it is the new-style roofing material that follows closely times pace and produces. Its function is powerful, colour is rich, installation is convenient and quick, suit the life demand of modern fast rhythm more.

Advantages of using PVC roofing sheet for roofing:

PVC roofing tile light weight, large sheet area, high pavement efficiency, easy lifting and unloading handling, used in the project can significantly improve work efficiency, save labor, shorten the construction period;

PVC roofing tile durable, even if long-term exposure to the outdoor environment, still can maintain its use function and color stability, virtually reduce the cost of use;

PVC roofing tile surface dense, smooth, not easy to absorb dust, with self-cleaning performance, during the use of no renovation maintenance, to solve the current rural families only left behind the elderly and children but also on the house to pick up tile maintenance problem;

PVC roofing tile anti - wind anti - earthquake performance is good, does not fall off, not easily broken. When traditional roofing tile is hit by hail or earthquake, crushing and falling will cause serious secondary damage, which is no better than resin tile in terms of safety performance.

PVC roofing tile is a new generation of light building materials which is strongly advocated and promoted by the state at present. The product is environmental friendly, energy saving and renewable. Through reasonable construction management and process control, it can maximize its performance advantages. 




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