PVC tile construction in the rainy season preparation-Rufu tile

PVC tile construction in the rainy season preparation

If the construction encountered in the rainy season will give PVC tile some construction trouble, and may even affect the quality of construction, so in the construction must be prepared for these work.

1. Properly store waterproof materials such as plastic cloth and multicolored cloth before construction.

2. The low-lying PVC tile construction site and the surrounding buildings shall be constructed with drainage ditches, and special personnel shall be assigned to watch over the pumping, so as not to affect the normal construction due to the water on the site.

3, the use of scaffolding, such as a comprehensive inspection, and then timely review after each major wind and rain, such as loose, corrosion and other phenomena found in the inspection should be dealt with in a timely manner, should be in the rainy season before the first tie skid strip.

In addition to these construction preparation work, also need to pay attention to the transport of PVC tile material in the rainy season, should do a good job of covering, and do a good job of proper preservation, which can greatly improve the smooth progress of construction.




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