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PVC roofing tile selection tips

PVC roofing tile is a new kind of environmental protection building materials, its weight is light, strong, and can do waterproof, provide a lot of convenience for our life, in many buildings have applications. So how do we tell when we're shopping? You can choose from the following ways:

1.The easiest way is to look at the outside. pvc roofing tile shape is clear, the material itself is shiny. If the appearance is not so may be fake imitation pvc roofing tile.

2.can be selected by weighing the specific gravity. roofing tile main raw material pvc roofing tile is PVC, the proportion of about 1.4. Weighing 1 square meters of large resin tile, weight volume 1.4, proves that the resin tile main material for PVC, can effectively ensure the service life of the product.

3. In the purchase, you can hand hand, and percussion. Quality of a material of resin tile is lightsome, board and board knock have depressing feeling. And counterfeit imitation resin tile hand heave feeling. Board and board percussion sound more crisp.

4. In the purchase, you can also use fire. With fire lit resin tile one corner, the source of fire left, high quality synthetic resin tile flame will immediately put out, on the contrary, is fake pvc roofing tile.

Through these methods can identify the advantages and disadvantages of pvc roofing tile, you can choose and buy from these aspects to test. As a result of pvc roofing tile has excellent corrosion resistance, so in the purchase, must choose the quality of the product, to ensure its service life.




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